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The Valkyries women's team embody the true spirit of competition and camaraderie. Every game is a testament to their dedication and skill, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

The Valkyries are more than just players; they are warriors who inspire and lead by example.


Our men's team, built on a foundation of grit, determination, and community spirit, is here to make its mark.

With a relentless drive to succeed and a passion for the game, the Warriors are not just a team; they are a brotherhood united.

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Discover the heart and soul of Grid City Football Club. From our dedicated men's and women's teams, the Warriors and Valkyries, to our impactful community outreach initiatives, there is so much to explore.

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GC news and activities

From thrilling match days to community-driven events, there's always something happening at Grid City FC.

Join us as we come together to celebrate the beautiful game and make lasting memories both on and off the pitch.

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We'd love to hear from you! Whether you have questions, want to join our teams, or are interested in partnering with Grid City Football Club, please get in touch.

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